7 Tips for Successful Co-Parenting!

Being a parent comes with so many challenges which can feel amplified when you are raising a child without living together so we shared our seven top tips that even out some of the speed bumps! 

6 Mums Share Their Money Saving Tips

We've all been there, right? Feeling the pinch around this time of year? There are plenty of money lending options with the run up to Christmas such as credit cards and payday loans uk, but as well as this we wanted to share our top money saving tips! 

Postpartum Hair Loss | Stories, Tips & Tricks

Postpartum hair loss definitely doesn't make the baby books so it can come as a huge shock to some new mums when they start to find their hair everywhere. For most, it can be unnoticeable but for some it can come out in large clumps, affecting their confidence and even making them look into a hair transplant. We have shared our postpartum hair loss stories as well as whats working to keep it at bay!


Welcome to our new series where we share ours and our children's favourite products of the month from their favourite books through to the Instagrammers that we cannot get enough of. What products have you and your family been loving in August?

Child's Current Favourite Book: Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
Child's Current Favourite Toy: Duplo and Crayons
Your Favourite Book: Wilde Like My - Louise Pentland
Your Favourite TV Show: Jane The Virgin or Atypical
Your Favourite Instagram Account: @mummyandliss and @littleolivewonders
Your Favourite Song: Walk On Water 30STM

- Georgina, Gee Gardner

Child's Current Favourite Book: Elmer and the Rainbow
Child's Current Favourite Toy: Baby Emme Doll
Your Favourite Book: The Burning Page by Genevieve Cogman
Your Favourite TV Show: Westworld
Your Favourite Instagram Account: @Mother_Pukka
Your Favourite Song: Dua Lipa - New Rules

- Sophia, Tattooed Tealady

Child's Current Favourite Book: Dear Zoo
Child's Current Favourite Toy: PJ Masks Figure Set
Your Favourite Book: Anything by Karin Slaughter
Your Favourite TV Show: Game of Thrones
Your Favourite Instagram Account: @marriedtoageek
Your Favourite Song: All I Want by Staind.

- Nicola, A Blogs Life

Should We Store Our Babies Stem Cells? | Information on Collecting Stem Cells

When it comes to pregnancy, childbirth and raising your new human being there are MANY decisions you have to make for the welfare of your child but one that isn't that well known about is whether or not to collect their stem cells at birth. Collecting stem cells holds a huge amount of promise for one day treating and potentially curing diseases and disorders such as immune, blood and neurological disorders. There are lots of myths and mystery around collecting stems cells so we've teamed up with Smart Cells to provide this, Info graphic as we believe knowledge is power. If parents have the knowledge they can make great, informed decisions for their children. 

Baby Products You Don't Need?

Baby products! No matter how many babies you've had they can still seem like a little bit of a minefield. Which ones are a waste of money and which are the next best thing? It's all very subjective and each baby is different but our bloggers share the baby products they thought were the biggest waste of money! You can always keep your eyes peeled for freebies and bargains though to save a little! 

Hospital Bag Essentials

Bridging the Education Gap over the Summer Holidays

We all know how one week off work can make you feel totally out of the loop when you return, well imagine taking 6 weeks off? Essentially that's what the Summer Holidays are, 6 weeks off work for our kids. 

Maternity Care | What should you expect?

Maternity Care is an incredibly personal and intimate experience, whether you are a new mum or a seasoned veteran, all pregnancies, childbirths and aftercare come with their own worries and concerns and in this vulnerable time you are reliant on support, as well as good maternity care. We have teamed up with Your Legal Friend to discuss what great maternity care looks like and examples of bad experience to help you understand your rights as a mum to be. 

Keeping Cool in the Summer | 10 Top Tips for Pregnant Mamas

Pregnancy, no matter how much we would like it to be it's not always the most glamorous thing, especially not during the hot summer months where your pregnancy glow is actually just a splattering of sweat and your ankles are the same size as your neck. Here our bloggers share their top tips on keeping your cool this Summer. 

15 Parenting Bugbears!

At every stage of life there are bugbears– those things that irritate you immensely. For example when you’re a toddler it’s pretty annoying when your parent’s won’t let you have chocolate for breakfast. Or when you’re given a drink in a purple cup when you wanted pink. In fact, pretty much everything is annoying for you when you’re a toddler- hence all the tantrums. When you’re a teenager it’s annoying when your parents snoop in your room, or won’t let you go to a party. At this stage in my life as a parent myself I have many, many bugbears. So to let off steam, I thought I would write a post about them.
Here are some things that I, along with some of my fellow parent bloggers, cannot stand:
People parking in parent and child spaces in a car park. I mean, really, we are not wanting to park there to be “lazy”- it is safer, and stops us having to try to squeeze a child/car seat out of a teeny,tiny gap! We don’t want to prang doors- so let us have our big spaces! I’ll tell you the worst ones- parents who despite not having their child with them still think they can park in the parent and child spaces! You know better than anyone how inconvenient it is! Don’t do it!!
People giving your child food that you don’t want them to have (without checking if it’s OK first). Whether it’s a bag of buttons just before dinner, or some sweeties they aren’t allowed to have. Lately people seem to be giving Lily chewy sweets or lollipops a lot which we don’t allow. Cue the massive tantrum when I won’t let her eat them that could have been avoided! In some cases this can actually be dangerous as children may have allergies or be intolerant to certain foods.
Parents who refer to their children’s age in months for waaay too long. How old is she? “36months”- She’s 3. THREE. To be honest, I don’t see why it needs to be done past 11 months!? OK maybe 18 months (tops).
When parent’s of children older than yours do that annoying “Oh you wait until they’re (certain age) you’ll change your mind.. *smug look*” when they disagree with your parenting choices. Then your child reaches the age and you haven’t changed your mind- it’s so tempting to say “HAH! IN YOUR FACE!”
People who say being a stay at home parent is easy. Uh, no. Have you been around children? These little things that demand your attention 100% of the day, including when you are on the toilet. This can be one that is brought up in relationships too, for example if one parent is out at work all day they come home and expect to put their feet up, when the other parent is wanting a break from the kids! Working parents, stay at home parents, it’s both hard, so there!
People parking on dropped curbs or pavements. It’s up there with the parent and child parking space in annoyance level I would say- SO annoying. Something that probably never crossed your mind before having children and a buggy. But to have to put my child in danger by going in the road to get around a car that is parked blocking my way, or having to get this awkward buggy up a massive curb instead of a nice dropped curb is very annoying, dangerous, and inconvenient!
The classic annoyance- People without kids telling us sleep deprived lot that they’re tired. Oh I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t get your full 10 hours last night Susan, you only got a mere 6. Yesterday I sneezed and my eyes closed for a full 10 seconds so I’m feeling nice and refreshed. When people told me that they were tired during Lily’s 4 month sleep regression I think I did pretty well not to scream.
People without a physical need using the lifts when there is an escalator. The amount of times I have had to wait an extra 10 minutes because a load of students decided they were feeling too lazy to walk slightly further to the escalator drives me mad. Babies are not patient, and if I’m out and about trying to get somewhere I want to be able to get there as soon as I can– which means not having to wait for another lift. People not budging up is another thing!
When other parents make out that being a parent is so easy. I would love to be a fly on the wall in their house. Making out (especially through social media) that parenting is easy peasy, always happy and full of rainbows, I think is actually dangerous. It makes parents who are struggling (and aren’t we all most of the time) feel even more rubbish. Parenting is really really REALLY hard.
Strangers thinking it’s OK touch your newborn baby. Yes it’s nice to be friendly, smile, and everything by all means. But touching them with your unclean, stranger hands and probably both waking them from a nice nap and spreading their germs is not cool!
When people assume you are your baby’s Grandma/Grandad when you are in fact the parent. One that thankfully hasn’t happened to me, but knowing older parents who it has happened to- it is so dangerous to make that assumption as parents are often older nowadays. Just never assume!
Other parents questioning or judging your parenting decisions- you want to co-sleep? Breastfeed? Bottle feed? Give a dummy? Put in nursery? I say do it and ignore anyone who makes you feel judged or bad about a decision. You clearly made that decision for a reason and it is no-ones business but yours.
Cafes that don’t serve anything remotely baby/toddler friendly. The other day I went in to a cafe wanting some lunch for me and Lily. I asked if they did any children’s meals, I kid you not she looked at me and said “toast with butter?” Don’t push the boat out love, toast AND butter!? That would be spoiling her!
“Get her Dad to babysit” well, he is her father so it’s not really called babysitting it’s called parenting. Dad’s don’t babysit they just look after their child. This would bug me so much if I was a Dad. It bugs me anyway! Dads are not inferior parents!
People who have 5 kids, 3 cats, a dog and a hamster, yet still manage to keep their house spotless and “pinterest-worthy”- seriously, have they got a cupboard they just shuv everything in when they have people round? Or are they magic? Have secret cleaners? I don’t get it. But it makes me feel bad- so stop it!
What are your bugbears? Let me know in the comments! Thank you so much to everyone below who contributed to the list!

Safe Sleep vs No Sleep: It's all about balance

If you’d asked me four months ago whether I would ever let my baby sleep in bed with me, I would have vehemently shaken my head.  Who would allow a baby into an adults bed in the night? Don’t they know the risks?  Can you imagine what would happen!??  And yet, here we are, four months later with a sixteen-week-old baby firmly planted on the mattress every night.

Finding Out The Gender... Should You?

One of the first questions you're asked when you reveal your pregnancy is "are you going to find out what you're having?" and for a lot of people the answer but it is still a bog decision. Here our bloggers discuss their experiences of finding out the gender. 

12 Things to Know About Life After Baby

Preparing to be a new mum is a mixture of excitement and nervousness. With so much needed to prepare for your new bundle of joy it can be overwhelming. People start giving advice before the baby’s even been born- do this, don’t do that. It all becomes a bit confusing. With this in mind I have written a list of things I wished I’d been told before I had Lily. I’m sure there’s loads more things it would have been good to know, but these are the main ones. I’d love to hear other mum’s words of wisdom in the comments!

This Month We Are Loving... BEARS!

34 Uses for a Muslin Blanket

We have all heard what how essential muslin blankets are for when you have a new baby, but should you throw them all out when you're done? We have found 34 other uses for muslin blankets, from a superhero cape to a gravy strainer - the possibilities are endless. 

International Day of the Midwife | Let's Celebrate Them!

Midwives, the fantastic people that deal with way more than the job description states. People that are emotionally invested in us and our families. Today is a day to celebrate them! 

Baby Led Weaning | Where to start...

Parenting is a minefield of information and just as you find your rhythm with all the methods and ways to do things, your baby hits a new milestone - weaning - and all the fun starts again! 

8 Things That No Bereaved Parent Wants to Hear

One of the things that always breaks my heart when speaking to other bereaved parents is the way in which they tell me that their experience of losing a child was made ten times worse by the ignorance of others. So many bereaved parents explain how at some point in their grieving process they have been left devastated and hurt by the words of those they considered close family or friends. And that is just so sad to hear. 

Celebrating the "Mummy Milestones"

We all know the baby milestones - first smile, first roll, first steps. But what about the Mummy Milestones? Here we celebrate our biggest triumphs and passing in initiation into Motherhood.

Mummy Milestone Cards Available Here

What it means to "provide for your family" | The Parent Pact

The arrival of a new baby is without a doubt an incredible gift, but it's also a life-changing experience for BOTH parents. Typically, it is the mum that takes extended leave to care for the newborn baby, whilst dad becomes the sole wage earner for this new little family. Mum can feel overwhelmed and lonely, even mourning the independent work life she left behind, whilst recent research by WaterWipes showed that a third of men find it hard to be away from their partner. These feelings can continue long after a couple has become a working family.

Travel Essentials & Tips | Three Kids Under 7

We've had the plan to spend our Easter Weekend in North Wales for yonks, but that didn't make me any less nervous. Between the husband and I, there are three children! Two of his and one of ours - all under 7 years old. None of which are fantastic travellers and the trip was always going to be at least a five hour drive. I was nervous, but it turned out well! Here are the things we found essential and also our tips.

To all the ladies in their first trimester...

To all the ladies in their first trimester: 

The Six Stages of Making Mum Friends

When you have a baby there seems to be a tick list of milestones you need to achieve... find a way to drink a cup of tea while it's still hot, see how long you can get away with leaving vomit in your hair and the big one... make mum friends. When you were a child you could strike up a friendship with anyone by offering them your Dairylea Dunker and some playground secrets, but is it that simple when you have a child?

No Pain Relief! | Rachel's Positive Birth Story

It's kind of surreal reading back through my birth story, nine months after writing it, and 10 months after the experience. Honestly I can barely remember those first few weeks as it was just a haze of sleepiness and learning about this new life that depended on us entirely to survive. 

REAL TALK: The Strain of a Baby on a Relationship

People tell you about the surge of love you will feel when you have a baby. They will tell you how your baby will become your whole world. The worries that come with it as you want to protect this precious little human. And that is all totally true. But what nobody seems to talk about, is that having a newborn can also cause a massive strain on your relationship.

Broccoli, Potato & Pea Purée Recipe

Making your own baby purée's isn't just fun, it's incredibly cost saving but it can be hard to know where to start. With our new series, we'll be sharing some fantastic "tried and tested" recipes - Bon Appetit. 

Bottle Feeding Saved Me! | Gemma's Breastfeeding Story

My experience of breastfeeding lasted less than a month, yet it’s still a story to me, it’s something I went through, however short it was, and something I still think about to this day. There is so much stigma surrounding bottle feeding but, bottle feeding saved me.

Safe Swaddling with The Gro Company

"Hip safe" swaddling with The Gro Company

Tips on How to Deal with you First Postpartum Toilet Trip

Obviously, the prospect of a baby exiting your body is bad, but sometimes we don't realise that post labour ANYTHING exiting your body can be quite a daunting prospect. No matter how you gave birth the first (and a few after that!) postpartum toilet trip is scary! Here some lovely mamas give their best advice on how to make it that little bit easier.

Breastfeeding Success w/ Baby #2 | Jenna's Breastfeeding Story

Breastfeeding didn't work out for Jenna with her first born, here's what she did differently with baby number two which led to breastfeeding success the second time around!

10 Things You Need to Know about Pregnancy

Chances are if you’re a first-time mama to be like me then you’ll also be blissfully unaware of what happens throughout that precious forty week period.  Yes, we’ve all heard about morning sickness, tiredness and swollen ankles and we’ve definitely all looked out hopefully for the pregnancy glow but what about the things they don’t tell you? Here are 10 things I wish I’d known before embarking on the ‘journey of life (giving)’.

ps. Had a baby before? Guarantee you’ll have blocked these from your mind…

"They didn't believe me" | Jessica's Hyperemesis Gravidarum Story

Jessica was initially let down by healthcare providers but here is how she found support for the awful condition HG.

Giving Birth at 32 Weeks | 'Not to Plan' Birth Stories

Imagine going into labour at just 32 weeks - here Rebecca shares her pre-term Labour & Delivery story!