8 Things That No Bereaved Parent Wants to Hear

One of the things that always breaks my heart when speaking to other bereaved parents is the way in which they tell me that their experience of losing a child was made ten times worse by the ignorance of others. So many bereaved parents explain how at some point in their grieving process they have been left devastated and hurt by the words of those they considered close family or friends. And that is just so sad to hear. 

Celebrating the "Mummy Milestones"

We all know the baby milestones - first smile, first roll, first steps. But what about the Mummy Milestones? Here we celebrate our biggest triumphs and passing in initiation into Motherhood.

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What it means to "provide for your family" | The Parent Pact

The arrival of a new baby is without a doubt an incredible gift, but it's also a life-changing experience for BOTH parents. Typically, it is the mum that takes extended leave to care for the newborn baby, whilst dad becomes the sole wage earner for this new little family. Mum can feel overwhelmed and lonely, even mourning the independent work life she left behind, whilst recent research by WaterWipes showed that a third of men find it hard to be away from their partner. These feelings can continue long after a couple has become a working family.

Travel Essentials & Tips | Three Kids Under 7

We've had the plan to spend our Easter Weekend in North Wales for yonks, but that didn't make me any less nervous. Between the husband and I, there are three children! Two of his and one of ours - all under 7 years old. None of which are fantastic travellers and the trip was always going to be at least a five hour drive. I was nervous, but it turned out well! Here are the things we found essential and also our tips.

To all the ladies in their first trimester...

To all the ladies in their first trimester: 

The Six Stages of Making Mum Friends

When you have a baby there seems to be a tick list of milestones you need to achieve... find a way to drink a cup of tea while it's still hot, see how long you can get away with leaving vomit in your hair and the big one... make mum friends. When you were a child you could strike up a friendship with anyone by offering them your Dairylea Dunker and some playground secrets, but is it that simple when you have a child?

No Pain Relief! | Rachel's Positive Birth Story

It's kind of surreal reading back through my birth story, nine months after writing it, and 10 months after the experience. Honestly I can barely remember those first few weeks as it was just a haze of sleepiness and learning about this new life that depended on us entirely to survive. 

REAL TALK: The Strain of a Baby on a Relationship

People tell you about the surge of love you will feel when you have a baby. They will tell you how your baby will become your whole world. The worries that come with it as you want to protect this precious little human. And that is all totally true. But what nobody seems to talk about, is that having a newborn can also cause a massive strain on your relationship.