Maternity Care | What should you expect?

Maternity Care is an incredibly personal and intimate experience, whether you are a new mum or a seasoned veteran, all pregnancies, childbirths and aftercare come with their own worries and concerns and in this vulnerable time you are reliant on support, as well as good maternity care. We have teamed up with Your Legal Friend to discuss what great maternity care looks like and examples of bad experience to help you understand your rights as a mum to be. 

Keeping Cool in the Summer | 10 Top Tips for Pregnant Mamas

Pregnancy, no matter how much we would like it to be it's not always the most glamorous thing, especially not during the hot summer months where your pregnancy glow is actually just a splattering of sweat and your ankles are the same size as your neck. Here our bloggers share their top tips on keeping your cool this Summer.