Postpartum Hair Loss | Stories, Tips & Tricks

Postpartum hair loss definitely doesn't make the baby books so it can come as a huge shock to some new mums when they start to find their hair everywhere. For most, it can be unnoticeable but for some it can come out in large clumps, affecting their confidence and even making them look into a hair transplant. We have shared our postpartum hair loss stories as well as whats working to keep it at bay!


Welcome to our new series where we share ours and our children's favourite products of the month from their favourite books through to the Instagrammers that we cannot get enough of. What products have you and your family been loving in August?

Child's Current Favourite Book: Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
Child's Current Favourite Toy: Duplo and Crayons
Your Favourite Book: Wilde Like My - Louise Pentland
Your Favourite TV Show: Jane The Virgin or Atypical
Your Favourite Instagram Account: @mummyandliss and @littleolivewonders
Your Favourite Song: Walk On Water 30STM

- Georgina, Gee Gardner

Child's Current Favourite Book: Elmer and the Rainbow
Child's Current Favourite Toy: Baby Emme Doll
Your Favourite Book: The Burning Page by Genevieve Cogman
Your Favourite TV Show: Westworld
Your Favourite Instagram Account: @Mother_Pukka
Your Favourite Song: Dua Lipa - New Rules

- Sophia, Tattooed Tealady

Child's Current Favourite Book: Dear Zoo
Child's Current Favourite Toy: PJ Masks Figure Set
Your Favourite Book: Anything by Karin Slaughter
Your Favourite TV Show: Game of Thrones
Your Favourite Instagram Account: @marriedtoageek
Your Favourite Song: All I Want by Staind.

- Nicola, A Blogs Life

Should We Store Our Babies Stem Cells? | Information on Collecting Stem Cells

When it comes to pregnancy, childbirth and raising your new human being there are MANY decisions you have to make for the welfare of your child but one that isn't that well known about is whether or not to collect their stem cells at birth. Collecting stem cells holds a huge amount of promise for one day treating and potentially curing diseases and disorders such as immune, blood and neurological disorders. There are lots of myths and mystery around collecting stems cells so we've teamed up with Smart Cells to provide this, Info graphic as we believe knowledge is power. If parents have the knowledge they can make great, informed decisions for their children.